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0002 - Is this blog for you?

You probably think you are generally healthy, or healthier than people around you. This is good. But could you feel even better? And would you know what to do and where to start?

Let's see how you are doing.

  • Do you have any trouble getting up in the morning, do you feel sluggish after lunch or can't possibly start your day without a coffee?

  • Do you have brain fog or can't remember where you put your keys, phone, glasses...?

  • Do you feel stressed or anxious?

  • Any digestive issues such as bloating, cravings, gas, constipation (and yes, anything less than once a day is constipation), heart-burns, nausea...?

  • Troubles falling or staying asleep? Is your monkey mind keeping you awake at night?

  • Any chronic migraines, headaches, joint pain...?

  • Mood issues perhaps? Feeling a bit down or cranky sometimes for no (good) reason?

  • Allergies or skin issues (acne, eczema, dry or oily skin...)?

  • Sick of catching colds, the flu or any germ floating around?

  • And what about your weight? Do you have a bit of extra around the middle?

Nothing too serious, you will say, and not worse than anybody else anyway, right? And it doesn't matter, because you have great plans for exercising more and giving up your morning muffin... starting next year?

But it doesn't have to be that way. A few lifestyle changes can go a long way. If any of these examples apply to you, then this blog is for YOU.

Leave a comment and tell me how you scored.

Talk to you soon!

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