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0003 - What is holistic health, anyway?

Another New Age or hippy fad? Some kind of religious practice?

Well... no.

Holistic health refers to the treatment of a person as a whole. It focuses on prevention and on the search for the underlying causes of health issues rather than on merely alleviating symptoms. It follows a more comprehensive and personalised approach and considers physical, mental, emotional, lifestyle and environmental factors, the personal history and circumstances of the individual.

Think about stress for instance. It is a psychological response but it can affect your sleep, gives you headache or stomach cramps. Remember when you sat for this important exam or gave this speech in front of a large audience?

The human body is one interconnected system. Like an orchestra where you want all the instruments to play in tune. Nutrition, sleep, stress management, exercise, toxin reduction, social connections are your instruments.

Stay tuned!

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